Excavators Compact, versatile, Mecalac excavators are the solution for your jobsites

4 Mecalac excavators' ranges, from 6 to 15 tons, to meet your requirements. The wheel excavators loaders: perfect combination of an excavator and a loader, extremely mobile in all terrain thanks to an articulated chassis, 4-wheel drive and 360° rotation. The crawler skid excavators, intelligent innovative fusion of a mini-excavator that reaches 10 km/h and a full rotation skid steer loader. A range also designed to reduce the number of machines on jobsites and to participate in the protection of our environment. The wheel excavators satisfy demanding tasks in lifting, digging depth, handling, while preserving the mobility of an undercarriage on wheel. The crawler excavators, ideal for those who are looking for ultime stability and want to benefit from the advantages of compactness and versatility of the Mecalac.