Wheel loaders AF1200


4 wheel steered loader

The 6 ton AF1200 with a bucket volume of 1.2-1.7 m³ is also a member of the new Boosterline series. The Monoboom with Z-kinematics ensures an even higher tear-out force and precise parallel guidance when working with the pallet forks. When loading with Boost, the unique kinematics amplify the lifting force by 17%. The four-wheel steering with automatic steering adjustment ensures maximum stability and manoeuvrability. An intelligent cooling concept allows the cleaning intervals of the cooler to be prolonged.

AF1200 in action



Total operating weight6000 kg (13,230 lb)
Engine power55,4 kW (75 hp - 74.3 imperial hp)
Overall width2100 mm (6’11”)
Bucket volumes1,20 – 2 m³ (1.60 – 2.60 yd³)
Standard bucket volume1,20 m³ (1.60 yd³)


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