Wheel excavators 7MWR


The fusion of the advantages of wheeled and crawler excavators brought about a unique Mecalac solution, conjugating mobility, versatility, stability, accessibility, driving user friendliness, lifting power and profitability. This is MWR series.

MWR Series


Optimize security for the operator as for the workers’ team of both urban and suburban construction sites:

  • Maintenance feet on the ground
  • Oscillation locking by the brake pedal and the joystick
  • Reduced access height
  • Excellent compactness
  • Optional integrated and automated cameras
  • Excellent visibility

User-Friendly Climb up and down easily

Thanks to the lowered centre of gravity of the machine, the cabin is perfectly accessible to the driver, without making too much effort or taking any risks.

The cab is 20% lower compared to rival products on the market so now entering and exiting the vehicle requires much less effort, and is further eased by the addition of a step that has been perfectly incorporated into the machine’s design. One small step for man; one giant leap for worksite safety.

User-Friendly The quest for simplicity: Driving our research

The mwr represents a new way to interact with construction vehicles, thanks to its completely redesigned internal and external ergonomics and unique interface between human-machine that combines accessibility and safety.

Each and every driver action is simplified, affording greater protection of everybody on the worksite. When it comes to innovation, ’less is more’ is definitely one of the keys to mecalac’s success.

User-friendly Driving user-friendliness

Parking, work or road mode, in one single switch.

Thanks to the unique central selector, the driver can switch into road or parking mode in a single movement, thus sparing 7 to 10 manipulations. With this unique global exclusivity, everything can be done instantly by selecting the desired configuration.

With this unique, worldwide exclusive, everything can be done instantly by selecting the desired configuration. This guarantees faultless and ultra- safe driving on construction sites, leaving the driver free to calmly focus on the tasks at hand and take full control of the machine.

User-friendly Fill up your tank effortlessly

The tank is extremely accessible as it is located on the undercarriage at a reachable height.

Besides helping lower the centre of gravity, the lower-down position of the tank and its increased capacity also mean that the driver or fleet manager no longer has to carry out any operations at height, nor is there anything in the way when driving the vehicle. With the majority of other excavators still mounting the fuel tank in the upper carriage, filling up an mwr is as simple as it is safe. Because daily upkeep should always be risk-free.

User-friendly Connect ’attached’ to versatility

In order to make its machines ever safer and more versatile, mecalac introduces connect, its patented quick coupler, notable for its lightness, integration, user- friendliness, reversability and its perfect safety.

Controlled from the cab, there is zero risk of it detaching from the tool either while it is being connected or while in operation. It is equipped with a detection system that alerts the driver if the tool is improperly secured (with visual and audible signals). Not only that, but it is also reversible and has an automatic play compensation function, making the connect quick coupler the ultimate connection between tool and machine!


MWR machines are equipped with numerous technical characteristics for optimal construction site management on all types of terrain.

  • Naturally balanced
  • All terrain capacity
  • Manœuverability
  • Agility
  • Compactness
  • Lifting power
Naturaly Balanced

Performance Naturally balanced

The new MWRs benefit from 360° iso stability: This means the machine’s stability remains the same regardless of the rotation angle of the upper carriage.

Lift, place, move, unload... all without moving. The new MWRs transform worksite logistics thanks to their incredible stability in any position and on any terrain. Whatever the conditions, they stay balanced both when travelling in transfer operations between sites as well as during work phases. This gives them 360° lifting performance - an extraordinary feat.

Performance Compactness

2,5 times more compact than a classic excavator

The new MWRs can be equipped with 4 steering wheels thus allowing you to do a U-turn practically on the spot and effectively overcome all obstacles. The aim: ensuring a maximum mobility in narrow spaces.


Performance From versatility to autonomy

Expertise is born of experience. Ours is based on the strong concept that profitability cannot be considered without simplicity of use, coupled with versatility in functions.

No matter the job, the country or the corporate culture, we offer the best visibility, manoeuvrability and freedom on each constuction site for optimal autonomy.

Performance Lifting power & Amplitude

An unrivalled compactness/lifting capacity ratio

The unique architecture of the new mwrs makes these powerful and precise handling machines capable of lifting up to 3 tons to 3 m and 360°.


Equipped with a loader bucket or with pallet forks, the new mwrs allow for an unusual range of amplitude whether this is positive for loading a truck or negative for offloading pallets.

360° amplitude

Manœuvrability & Agility


Efficiency of movement

When the leeway is limited, the MWRs are a powerful ally. Their perfectly integrated and light offset and their 3-part arm allow them to work outside the pattern of the machine.


Best manoeuvrability

The 3 direction modes enable the MWR to get out of any situation.


in the service of security

With their XS dimensions, their 360° rotation and their exceptional angular displacement of the boom, the MWRs only require one way in an urban area to carry out their missions, thus preserving the security of pedestrians and of car drivers.

Performance Ground clearance

The lowered center of gravity has absolutely no incidence on the ground clearance height, which is an exclusive ’made in mecalac’ paradox.

In order to guarantee the machine’s mobility in spite of ground’s unevenness, the machine keeps enough height to avoid rubbing and risks of tearing out the undercarriage.

7MWR in action



Total operating weight6925 kg (15,300 lb) / 7350 kg (16,210 lb)
Overall width2180 mm (7’2”)
Tail swing radius1296 mm (4’3”)
Travel speed30 km/h (19 mph)
Engine power (kW/hp)55,4 kW (75hp - 74.3 imperial hp)
Tear-out force / Loader2600 daN (5,845 lbf)
Break-out force / Excavator4300 daN (9,666 lbf)
+ and - with forks+ 4760 mm (+15’7”) / - 2740 mm (-8’11”)
- Turning width2734 mm (-8’11”)
- Tear-out force2500 daN (5,620 lbf)
- Max. depth- 3030 mm (-9’11”)


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