TA - 1 to 3.5 tons TA3


Designed to be rental tough

Designed for the small to medium job site the TA3 Range, consisting of the TA3, TA3S, TA3H, TA3SH and TA3.5SH offers versatility for your material movement. With a skip payload of 3000kg / 3500kg, choose between straight tip skip for bulk material movement or the 180 degree power swivel skip which allows precision placement of loads to either side of the machine. The optional hydrostatic transmission delivers smooth and uninterrupted power for the operator. Simple user friendly controls help all operators adapt quickly.

TA3 in action


Total operating weightFrom 2300 kg (5071 lb) to 2475 kg (5456 lb)
Engine power18.5 kW (25hp) / 37 kW (50hp) - Stage V
Skip typeFront / Swivel
Payload3000 kg (6613 lb)
Maximum skip capacity (Heaped)1.95 m³ (2.55 yd³)
Transmission (Road)Manual / Hydrostatic
Travel speed16 km/h (10 mph) / 20 km/h (12 mph)
Operator environmentROPS foldable bar
Overall widthFrom 1846 mm (6’1”) to 1957 mm (6’5”)
Overall lengthFrom 3744 mm (12’3”) to 3934 mm (12’11”)
Overall heightFrom 2903 mm (9’6”) to 2919 mm (9’7”)
Dumping height, skip tippedFrom 228 mm (9”) to 810 mm (2’8”)


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