6 to 9 tons TA9


Powerful performer

Designed for the large job site the TA9 is powered by a 55kw (74hp) engine and offers versatility for your material movement. With a skip payload of 9000kg, choose between straight tip skip for bulk material movement or the 180 degree power swivel skip which allows precision placement of loads to either side of the machine. A synchro shuttle transmission provides 4 forward and 4 reverse gears with a maximum travel speed of 25kph (15mph), permanent 4 wheel drive and central articulation ensure traction is maintained in even the toughest conditions. All 9 tonne machines now feature Shield safety technology as standard with an option to upgrade to Shield plus for additional safety technology.

TA9 in action


Total operating weight4915 kg (10,835 lb) / 5095 kg (11,233lb)
Payload (Kg)9000 kg (19,840 lb)
Overall width2364 mm (7'8") / 2389 mm (7'8")
Overall length4510 mm (14'8") / 4668 mm (15'3")
Travel speed24 km/h (15 mph)
Engine power (kW/hp)55 kW (74 hp)


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